How to begin? Well, if I wanted something really pretentious, I could first get out my Thesaurus and my dictionary, light a fire, and sit back in my comfortable leather chair with a snifter of brandy and contemplate Myself in terms of my Art. Or maybe contemplate my Art in terms of Myself. And people would read my musings and think that if my statement is that deep and insightful, then my art must be the greatest thing since cable TV or drywall screws, which it possibly could be, but probably isn't.



Then I thought that maybe I could write about art in general, bringing some long-forgotten or heretofore unknown aspect to light - something like, "If it's velvet, it's good." Until I realized I didn't particularly want to be known as the 'Father of Velvet', or 'Velvet Father', as the case may be, since there are a number of artists already pushing the limits of that medium.


Color. I like colors. Subtle, bright, in-between, whatever. It's like food for the eyes - does it have a lot of flavor? Is it too bland? Too spicy? Is it like having a Cabernet Sauvignon with turkey (not a good idea if you've never tried it, and if you have, you know what I mean...)? Or do your eyes feel like they're having that same Cabernet with an incredible filet mignon (great idea)? Does it make you want more? While it's true that most of my photographs are black and white, I still get a tremendous sense of color from most of them. The others, well, they fall under the next section.


Movement. This is a big thing. No matter if it's movement as in the huge whoosh of a train, or the wonderfully gentle and graceful tentacles of a sea anemone moved by ocean currents... I know. I'm getting carried away. See? Movement can do that. I suppose what I'm saying is that I like my eyes to dance around a piece of art, not like they have three left feet, but smoothly and comfortably, like Fred Astaire on a dance floor.


That's about it, except for interpretation, and that's up to you.