This site is primarily concerned with images: photographs as well as images of paintings. What this means is that this is not one of the fastest-loading sites on the Web. While the images have been optimized as much as possible to get the best compromise between image quality and file size, the final decision is weighted toward image quality. Many of the images are well over 100K.

All of the photographs were taken by me and are copyrighted. I used to have some javascript that disabled right-clicking and saving an image, but I removed it. The "no right-click" functionality is fairly easy to bypass. If you do take one of the images from the site, remember that they are copyrighted. I'd appreciate an email.

The aarchive-quality digital prints are generally 12"x18" (approx.) and framed 20"x24", matted with 100% acid-free museum-quality ragboard. The price is $150US - this price does not include shipping.


I started painting because I wanted to do something more tactile than photography. Most of my paintings are on wood panels, which are actually hollow-core doors that haven't been drilled out for the knob.

As you can (or will) tell, I steer clear of realism, not out of any misplaced sentiment but because I don't draw well.

Most of the paintings on the site have been sold.